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Henry Royce

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Kathryn Martyn

Secretary – RREC Paulerspury Section

Email: [email protected]k

The opinions expressed and the advice given do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Section Committee. No responsibility will be accepted by the Section for the results following contributors' advice.

It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you of the death of a much loved Paulerspury Person, Adrian Denham.  Adrian was such an energetic and generous soul but had not been well for some time, recently (although he would never want people to know or fuss over him!)  Unfortunately, Adrian lost his battle against the health challenges on Tuesday October 31st (knowing Adrian, I bet he would find humour in passing on Halloween and make jokes about it).

Adrian was very active in the Paulerspury and East Midlands Sections.  Adrian and I were both on the Paulerspury committee at the same time and I remember the meetings well – we had to have strong, black coffee ready for the moment he walked in the door and throughout the meeting.  I also remember that when I suggested he have decaf, one evening, he made a very emphatic and determined argument against decaf coffee - all with one, steely stare!  He was such a generous, loyal person and would give you the shirt off his back if it helped you but, having said that, he had a strong character so I don’t think you would want to be on the wrong side him!

Adrian and Linda came to so many Paulerspury events in his mother’s 1947 Hooper bodied Silver Wraith but was most well known for the wonderful Driving Days they hosted at Broadwell House in the stunning Warwickshire countryside.  Being section treasurer at the time they started organising this annual event, I recall asking him several times for him to submit his expenses for the teas/coffees and sundry expenses they incurred.  Year after year, Adrian point blank refused to claim any expenses preferring all the proceeds to go to the Air Ambulance which is the charity he supported with this event.  He raised so much for them whilst providing all of us a great day out ripping up one of his fields with the club cars.

Adrian was a great story teller and so interesting to talk to and he brought joy to a room when he walked in.  We will all miss him so much and our hearts go out to Linda who I know was his love and strength.

Steven Murray